Current Issue: Spring 2015
  • Strength and solutions in numbers

    Strength and solutions in numbers

    A multi-country consortium of policy makers, community stakeholders, and scientists—including School of Public Health biostatisticians—is working to stop the spread of HIV in Africa and build community health. The study includes 32 communities in Uganda and Kenya. The results will inform worldwide debates about the economic, educational, and social benefits of community-based health care strategies and the global effort to end AIDS.
  • Team climate change

    Team climate change

    Whether they're addressing indoor cookstove pollution in India or working with government officials in California to plan healthy cities, a small group of School of Public Health faculty, students, and alumni are having a large impact on climate change.
  • Looking for the roots of risk

    Looking for the roots of risk

    How does adversity affect adolescent behavior and biology? A study among Latino children in California's agricultural Salinas Valley investigates how stress influences risk-taking behavior and pubertal development. In urban Santiago, Chile, a related study asks similar questions.