Donna S. Jordan PhD, MPH ’87


book cover Donna S. Jordan PhD, MPH ’87, writes, “I earned an MPH from UC Berkeley in 1987, and went on to receive a PhD in philosophy and religion (Asian/Comparative Studies) from California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco (1999). I also hold an MA in English from UCLA. An elaboration of my doctoral dissertation has just been published, titled Shakti’s Revolution: Origins and Historiography of Fierce Indic Goddesses (Munshiram Manoharlal, New Dehli).

“Shakti’s Revolution chronicles the historical evolution of Hindu and Buddhist fierce Kâlî-like goddesses and their devotees, from the Indus Valley civilization, c. third millennium BCE, to the present. It’s available online through the publisher.

“I am currently working on a new book on European heathenry, the pre-Christian and Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon religion, and the correspondences of the Eddas to the Indian Vedas.

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  1. What a great surprise! Congratulations to you Donna Duck. I will check it out online. Please email me so I can have your address.
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