James N. Mullally MPH ’78


James N. Mullally has worked in public health for more than 32 years across five continents in 41 countries, eight as a resident public health adviser. He has contributed to White Paper requests from USAID, DfID, and AusAID on lessons learned and best practices for building long term sustainability of public health practice in developing nations and on cross-cultural methodology for working in collective community. He was previously retired from the World Health Organization before accepting long term assignments in his niche expertise, building individual, systems, and organizations in conflict and post conflict settings.

For the Republic of Liberia, Professor Mullally agreed to undertake a comprehensive overhaul of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s capacity building of individual staff professionals, systems, and organizational development. He facilitated the first-ever ministry-only staff written policy document centerpiece for the Department of Social Welfare; all staff participated in drafting their document using evidence-based research with collaboration of national and formulating partnership among national and international partners.

He was invited by Cuttington Graduate School of Public Health to design, manage, and carry out required course in Application of Public Health Theory for Community Development. Professor Mullally agreed to contract with the stipulation that all salary and benefits go to a University Scholarship Fund for future MPH students. Professor Mullally applied and won an allocation of 250 computers and monitors as part of a capacity building initiative to build rural to central communication infrastructure; a component of systems and individual empowerment.

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