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Karen Pak Oppenheimer
0 Karen Pak Oppenheimer MPH ’06

Karen Pak Oppenheimer is vice president of World Health Partners, an international nonprofit organization that provides health and reproductive health…

0 Anjabebu S. Asrat DrPH ’11

Anjabebu S. Asrat writes, ” After having lived in Windhoek, Namibia, for the past four years working with the University…

2 Cold Supplements, from Airborne to Zinc

A cure or preventive for the common cold has been a holy grail for medical researchers and drug companies. So far nothing has worked—medications for colds simply relieve some symptoms temporarily, at best. No wonder, then, that people are tempted by the cold-fighting and/or immunity-boosting claims made for many dietary supplements. Do any of them stand up to scientific scrutiny?