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1 The Public Health Undergraduate Program: Past, Present, and Future

Undergraduates make important contributions to the UC Berkeley School of Public Health community. Just ask Tony Soyka, who has served as the academic adviser for the Public Health Undergraduate Program (PHUP) since its inception in 2003. “I enjoy working with undergraduate students, especially with helping them to become responsible adults and leaders,” he says. “They bring energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.”

0 William Drum MPH ’68

William “Bill” Drum died Jan. 11, 2013, at age 73. Born March 14, 1939 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to William and…

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0 Ariel Compton MD, MPH ’71

Ariel Compton MD, MPH ’71 graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine in 1951. In 1974 she completed her psychiatric…

0 Arsenic and Old Rice

Arsenic, a naturally occurring element and industrial byproduct, poses a significant health risk to millions of people worldwide when it leaches into drinking water. It’s highly poisonous at high doses, but chronic exposure to lower levels increases the risk of bladder, lung, and skin cancer, as well as infertility and possibly diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. Though this is often thought of as a major problem only in developing countries, such as Bangladesh, the U.S. has arsenic problems of its own. In fact, it’s estimated that over two million Americans drink water from private wells that have high arsenic concentrations. This past year, arsenic made headlines on several occasions for its presence in rice and other foods, too.