Bruce Kieler DrPH ’94, MPH ’88, MBA


Bruce Kieler DrPH ’94, MPH ’88, MBA, presented a report on the development of nuclear power technology training programs at a conference of the European Nuclear Society, held in Manchester, England, December 10-12, 2012. Kieler’s report focused on coalition-building strategies (from the public health literature) that could be used to reach consensus concerning establishment and expansion of two-year nuclear training programs in the United States and Europe.

Following the ENS conference, Kieler presented the same report at a special meeting of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic, December 14, 2012. The nuclear power industry in Europe is facing the same daunting task of recruiting and training young men and women who will be needed in the near future to replace the current energy workforce.

Earlier in the year, Kieler attended the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program Summit, held in Arlington, Va., March 6-8, 2012. The summit was sponsored jointly by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD). Kieler is a public health specialist on NEI’s Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program Team.

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