Lawrence W. Green DrPH ’68, MPH ’66, BS ’62


lawrence greenOn March 17, 2013, at the Annual Meeting of The American Academy of Health Behavior (AAHB), Lawrence W. Green was honored with the AAHB Lifetime Achievement Award.

The mission of The Academy is to promote excellence in health behavior research and in the application of research to improve public health. The Lifetime Achievement award was established in 2000 and has only been given twice — to Elbert Glover, the founder and first president of the AAHB, and to Albert Bandura for his significant theoretical contributions to health behavior research. The award honors individuals who have made significant fundamental contributions to health behavior research, theory or practice.

“Dr. Green is exemplary because he has made significant contributions in all three of these areas,” states an announcement by AAHB. “These accomplishments must also demonstrate a lifetime commitment and have had a lasting impact on the field. From his prolific and influential writing (notably the ubiquitously cited and practitioner-adopted PRECEDE/PROCEED planning model with Marshal Kreuter) to his academic, nonprofit, and governmental posts over his 40+ year career, Green’s work is both widely recognized and respected.”

Much of Green’s recent career has been focused on federal policy development, and work with professional organizations and agencies to facilitate the translation and dissemination of research to practice.

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  1. Lynne Kennedy on

    Dear Lawrence,

    We met at Maria Koelen’s inaugural professoruial lecture in Wageningen … I came across this item as I was perusing the MPH options on pages of Berkeley and I just wanted to congratulate you on your AAHB Lifetime Achievement Award

    Best wishes Lynne

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