Robin Mejia MPH ’12


robin mejiaOn April 30, 2013, Robin Mejia and 34 of her close friends will celebrate the release of their new book, The Science Writers Handbook Robin wrote a chapter for the guide called “Getting Paid to Grow,”  in which she describes her experience researching and producing a CNN documentary on problems forensics labs were sending innocent people to prison, and discusses  fellowships that allow writers to research complex stories or take university classes.

Before coming to Berkeley for her MPH in 2010, Robin worked as a journalist for over a decade. For much of that time, she was a member of a group called SciLance. SciLance originated as a listserv designed to help a small group of freelancer writers who normally toiled away alone at home or in coffee shops maintain a sense of collegial connection with their peers.  After years of discussing everything from how to find a good story to interviewing government scientists to the logistics of freelancing with small children,   the group decided to share the accumulated wisdom.  The book, published by Da Capo, an imprint of Perseus, has gotten great advance reviews.

Robin is currently working toward a doctorate in biostatistics at Berkeley.


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