Craig Wolff


craig wolffCraig Wolff was a first-year doctoral student in the Environmental Health Sciences Program. Prior to entering the doctoral program, Craig earned dual bachelor degrees in mathematics and geography from UCLA and his MS in environmental engineering/water resources from UC Berkeley.

His doctoral interests were in understanding the interdependencies between water resources and human health and in enabling the improvement of both. In particular, he was hoping to study early childhood or prenatal outcomes with a relationship to drinking water contaminants, and do so at a detailed geographic level.

While Craig was a PhD student, he was also employed as the geospatial science director at Environmental Health Investigations Branch (EHIB) at the California Department at Public Health.  During his 14 years with EHIB, he developed numerous methods and automated tools including a web-based reporting application for California public water system service area boundaries; an enterprise geocoding web service; health-to-environment or environment-to-health spatiotemporal integration/linkage services; cropping pattern classification using satellite imagery as proxy for pesticide use; and mapping services that assist in visualizing and disseminating environmental health data.

Craig was also an extremely dedicated father and husband, with three school-age children.  Craig was 42 when he passed away after suffering an aortic aneurysm.

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  1. Kathleen Mancini on

    To the family and colleagues of Craig Wolff:

    I was deeply moved by the obituary for Mr. Wolff.
    He was clearly an incredibly gifted and hard working
    Individual whom used his talents and work for
    The better of humankind and the human condition.

    I am certain that he is missed profoundly and
    My heart goes out to his family. I so understand this
    Incredible loss as I lost my husband unexpectedly as
    Well at 40 yrs of age. Also having very young children

    Time heals yes. however, the void is never completely
    Filled. I find it very mysterious that often
    The most talented, caring, loving individuals leave
    Our human existence so early.

    Perhaps we will all discover why.

    Best to you all. I applaud you for sharing his
    Wonderful accomplishments.


    Kathleen Mancini

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