MPH Nutrition Class of ’73 Reunion


MPH Nutrition '73 reunionBrenda Wong MPH ’73 and Robert Seymoure MPH ’73 write that the MPH Nutrition Class of ’73 held a reunion in Hawaii this past October. The 40th reunion was hosted by local residents Alma (Suzuki) Kagimoto MPH ’73 and Ian Kagimoto.

“Alma, one of the classmates, had casually thrown out an invitation a couple of years earlier not realizing it was leading to something messier than the swamps on top of mount Wai’ale’ale.  Residents of Waimea breathed a sigh of relief as the happy gang left town but business was way down at Jo Jo’s Shaved Ice in the aftermath.  According to municipal authorities no arrests were recorded, not one call to 911, and not one helicopter rescue.  ‘Unbelievable!’ reported the local vicar.  ‘Nothing this wild since the arrival of Captain Cook!’ Seven out of 13 members of the class attended, including Connie Johnson MPH ’73, Pam McCoy MPH ’73, Janet (Jue) Talsky MPH ’73, and Kathie (Albert) Westpheling MPH ’73, in addition to those named above.”

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