Richard H. Seiden PhD, MPH ’64


Richard SeidenRichard H. Seiden writes, “Hello to all my friends, former students and colleagues at the UC/SPH where I earned a postdoctoral MPH in 1964 and then was a faculty member until 1983.  At that time I changed direction and became a financial planner/stock broker which allowed me to indulge my travel dreams. This fall I journeyed to Los Angeles, North Carolina and Azerbaijan to visit my widespread network of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In January I will embark on a three-month journey throughout S.E. Asia, where I hope to put my public health training to good use as an international volunteer. I continue to be self-employed when my travel plans permit and I am looking forward to the 2014 reunion which will be the 50th anniversary of my  MPH degree.”

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