Robert Miller DrPH ’72, MPH ’66


Robert Miller writes that he worked for the School of Public Health and the Ford Foundation in Dhaka, East Pakistan, in 1966 and 67 under the direction of William Griffiths, Beryl Roberts, and “Gus” Gustafson at what was called at the time the East Pakistan Research and Evaluation Center (EPREC).  In October and November 2013, he returned to Dhaka to evaluate a health project funded by the State Department’s Global Women’s Issues Division through a contract with DevTech Systems and the Public Health Institute.

He writes, “Ali Mahbub MPH ’65 and his spouse Gule Afruz Mahbub MPH ’65 held a dinner in Dhaka and invited all the old EPREC staff they could contact.  The marvelous dinner and reunion, held after 45 years, was a once in a lifetime experience.

“On my way to Bangladesh, on a personal basis, I stopped in Hai Phong, Vietnam where for the third year, I assisted two orphanages and a school for blind children.  One orphanage, Thanah Xuan, for HIV+ children, wanted jackets, jeans, blankets and insulated flooring for the winter.  Red Flower, another orphanage on the SOS Children’s Model, wanted large desks and bookcases to aid home study, and the school for blind children wanted a TV, a sound system, and wireless microphones.”

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