Linda Kincaid MPH ’01


Linda Kincaid presented two posters at the 2013 American Public Health Association conference in Boston.  The posters focused on elder abuse by Public Guardians and private conservators.

She writes that she left her safety consultant career after her mother was taken from her home, isolated, and imprisoned by an abusive conservator. “Law enforcement, government agencies, and the court failed to protect the victim’s rights. The District Attorney said the situation was ‘nothing out of the ordinary.’  Many other families tell similar stories of loved ones taken from their homes, imprisoned and isolated, and estates rapidly depleted.”

Kincaid is now a full-time advocate for civil rights of the elderly and disabled.


  1. Norma Carpenter on

    Last year Aug 17 2013 this nightmare ensued with my precious mother. She had means, a greedy son and a bunch of unethical individuals ended up petitioning for guardianship. I am a RN (also a safety consultant) wanted her to live with us for the remainder of her life. I received a letter at the court appointed personal care home saying I was no longer able to visit my Mom. The rest is history. I have not seen my Mom since December 23, 2012. I am forbidden due to her uneducated unethical guardian who moved her 87 miles away from her home. Attached is the story done on her this past summer. What can we do to help in PA? There is a hearing Jan 3 2014 regarding alleged embezzlement by Distinctive Human Services the Guardianship Company that ruined our families lives. All the attorneys I have contacted really do not want to get involved. What a shame, but a sobering reality that the public officials could care less. They manage the vote in the courtrooms. It will never happen to their families. That is my rationale as to why they do not care to get involved. Not enough notoriety for a voting issue. Any suggestions or directives for me to be more productively proactive vs bitterness which is what I harbor now. I do not know which way to turn. I miss my Mom so much. Every path I have ventured down has been shut off. My Mom deserved so much better. She was such an awesome Mom and should have been able to live out her life taken care of by her family and receiving the love and compassion she showed me as a child, and my children as well. This is so frustrating.

  2. Dear Linda,
    Since the day I discovered the disgusting atrocities of guardianship abuse some 16 months ago, I have certainly payed close attention to your horrible plight with your dear mother. The pain you suffersd was, like so many others, beyond comprehension. You fought the great impossible battle and won, yet experienced defeat personally because you finally had her hand just as she was pulled under the waves…I’m sorry for your struggle and your profound loss, Linda. I share in your grief. As you know so well, this kind of grief has no closure because my fiance is still alive; just a phone call away.- A 20 minute drive! If I try to make contact, I’ll be arrested based on pure lies. Of course, the whole damn thing is one GIANT LIE!!! Linda, I write comments here all the time. – It helps me heal a little bit as I develope the best, most effective stadegy to possibly free my loved one which will hopefully open more doors for others to escape the demise your poor mother suffered. This isolation issue is one of the hardest parts to deal as you well know. I begged the guardian. She knows how much I love my precious life partner, but is so heartless, greedy, and downright evil, that she will stop at nothing to keep me away from her. The whole rackett is made up of legal bullies, right? Anyway, can you please personally E-mail me a response so I can privately discuss some issues with you that I can’t address here on this site I would really appreciate any help/advice you can give me at your convenience.

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