Bruce Kieler DrPH ’94, MPH ’88


Bruce KielerBruce Kieler DrPH ’94, MPH ’88, MBA, MA was an invited speaker at the 2nd International Conference of the CENEN-NET, held in Prague, Czech Republic, February 4-7, 2014. The conference was organized by the Czech Nuclear Education Network and sponsored by the European Union and the Czech Ministry of Education. Travel expenses for all invited speakers were paid by the European Social Fund for the Czech Republic. Kieler presented an oral report as well as a poster session on his on-going case study focusing on the establishment of two-year nuclear technology training programs in southeast Texas. His report identified a successful strategy for establishing nuclear training programs through the use of a community-based educational coalition. Kieler found that a coalition of various stakeholders resulted in achieving consensus concerning development and expansion of nuclear training programs at community colleges in the region and that the sustainability of the programs was enhanced by alignment of the curriculum with the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Guide of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. Kieler’s case study is based on the extensive coalition-building literature (especially Butterfoss et al.) found in the fields of public health and community development.

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