Donna Donald BS ’52, MPH ’54


Donna Donald BS ’52, MPH ’54 writes, “Due to my MPH education in Hospital Administration I was able to reopen a small rural hospital in Cedarville, CA, which is in Surprise Valley, Modoc County. I helped them become a hospital district prior to my reopening the hospital in l986. It is still open but struggling to stay open as are most of the small rural hospitals. I also was hired to take Southern Inyo Hospital, in Lone Pine, CA, through bankruptcy, which was done successfully in l999/2000. I was previously the administrator/CEO of Albany Hospital, Tehachapi Hospital and Modoc Medical Center in Alturas. I retired in 2005 when I was 80 years old. I started the Intermountain Rural Health Network which was later incorporated into the Northern Sierra Rural Health Network. My education under Keith Taylor was invaluable.”

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