Linda Kincaid MPH ’01


Linda KincaidLinda Kincaid MPH ’01 is co-chair of the Coalition for Elder & Dependent Adult Rights. Her passion is investigative journalism. She primarily reports on elder abuse, especially failure of law enforcement and social services agencies to protect elder victims. Kincaid advocates for elder rights across the country.

Presentations from the past year include:

2014 Congress of California Seniors Region 3 Symposium

Injustice in Elder Medicine: Comfort Care or Chemical Restraint
2014 Social Justice Symposium

Isolation: Elder Abuse in Long-term Care
Chemical Restraint: Elder Abuse in Long-term Care
2014 American Society on Aging Conference

Assembly Bill 937: Clarifying Personal Rights
Chemical Restraint in Long-term Care
2013 Southern California Public Health Association Conference

Developing a National Model for Advocacy
2013 National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care Conference

Chemical Restraint: Elder Abuse in Long-term Care
2013 National Adult Protective Services Association Conference

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