Marc Sapir MD, MPH ’87


Marc SapirMarc Sapir MD, MPH ’87 (Epidemiology) writes, “After doing UCB Epi, I served as the first medical director of the Center for Elders’ Independence PACE (comprehensive team based care for frail elders) in the East Bay for 9+ years. At 60 I decided I had maxed out. The program was stable. From 2002 I worked half time doing primary care with Alameda County Medical Center in their outpatient clinic in Hayward. Now 73, I’ve retired from regular patient care. In 2009-10 I toured the U.S., then California as one of the Mad as Hell Doctors for Single Payer Health Care. Today I no longer think single payer is achievable in the U.S.’s political chaos. I’m spending more time working on the campaign to end Israeli apartheid and U.S.’s role in state terror.  When I can, I write: fiction, plays, non-fiction. We still backpack the Sierras, travel, cross country ski; spend much time with grandchildren.”

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