Susan A. Jamerson MPH ’86


Susan JamersonSusan A. Jamerson MPH ’86 (Health Planning and Policy) has been appointed executive director for the Washoe Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Program as of August 2014. The goal of the Tribal TANF Program is to advance the health, safety and well-being of the clients served by the program, and to support family self-sufficiency.

The Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California has reservation lands in both the State of Nevada and the State of California, which allows the Washoe Tribe to operate Tribal TANF programs in both states. Jamerson oversees three program sites in the Sierra Nevada area and five program sites in California. Services also include oversight of Cultural Resources and an education department that provides services to Washoe tribal members in Nevada. She is excited to work with the Washoe Tribal government to provide services for tribal members and members of Federally Recognized Tribes and their descendants.

Jamerson formerly worked for Lifelong Medical Care as clinic director overseeing two primary care clinics in Contra Costa County, and for Native American Health Center, Inc. as the executive director of a primary care clinic in Oakland, California.

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