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0 The Changing Global Neighborhood

Global health, defined as the distribution of health and disease throughout the world, has increasing national, state, and local consequences…

0 Getting a Jump on Global Change

This was a prevailing sentiment at the Center for Global Public Health’s (CGPH) inaugural research symposium, which focused on global…

0 Alumnus Spotlight: David C. Roberts: Transforming Health Systems Around the World

David C. Roberts has gone global. Geographically speaking, he has moved about as far afield from his native England as is physically possible. Roberts has made a neat transition from a challenging role affecting reform within what was seen as a troubled sector of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service a few years ago to his current command heading up the Department of Health and Human Services in Tasmania, Australia.

0 Fresh Perspective: Uncovering Influenza in the Tropics

When I left for Nicaragua to begin the field component of my dissertation research in 2006, I expected that the time I spent there would be crucial to my doctoral career at Berkeley. I did not expect that both my dissertation topic and my entire career trajectory would change. And yet that is just what happened, as I became involved in a field of research that was new to me and the country of Nicaragua— influenza epidemics in tropical locales.