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2 The Global Children’s Oral Health and Nutrition Program: Students Learn by Doing Good

Every year, since 2010, Dr. Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, Dr. Susan Ivey, and a group of students have taken toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a big pink and white model of teeth to Central America, South America, and Asia. There, they teach communities about oral health. The Global Children’s Oral health and Nutrition Program was created to stem the epidemic rise in tooth decay in developing countries around the world. Sokal-Gutierrez, who more commonly goes by Dr. Karen, is an associate clinical professor, and Dr. Ivey is an associate adjunct professor. Both work with the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program.

1 Upbringing in Angola sparked Bixby Center director’s passion for reproductive health

For as far back as Dr. Ndola Prata can remember, she wanted to improve women’s health. “My particular interest started when I was very young, basically by being around a lot of suffering of women, and learning about their reproductive needs that were not being met,” she said. At that time, Prata was growing up in Angola, a country struggling through nearly 30 years of civil war.

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11 Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Holmes publishes book on Mexican migrant workers

During his years of fieldwork among indigenous Mexican migrant farmworkers, physician and anthropologist Seth Holmes encountered comments like these again and again from farm managers and other farm workers. Some, including medical professionals he interviewed, would even claim that the indigenous workers’ genes made them better suited to their backbreaking work.

0 Bay Area Schweitzer Fellows use training to serve local communities

A suitcase clinic for LGBTQI youth, communal infant wellness visits for low-income Chinese immigrants, diabetes education for Spanish-speaking Latino patients—what do these seemingly disparate health interventions have in common? They were all designed and implemented by UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s 2012-2013 class of Schweitzer Fellows.

Clinical Professor Linda Neuhauser; Dr. Xie Zhenming, Secretary General of the China Population Association; and Dr. Sun Xiaoming, research partner on the China (Photo: Eve Lee)
0 Berkeley Brings CBPR Model to China

In an initiative to improve the health and well-being of young migrant workers in China, researchers at UC Berkeley have brought a community-based participatory research pioneered at Berkeley to the factories of the Changzhou Xinbei Development Zone.

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1 The Public Health Undergraduate Program: Past, Present, and Future

Undergraduates make important contributions to the UC Berkeley School of Public Health community. Just ask Tony Soyka, who has served as the academic adviser for the Public Health Undergraduate Program (PHUP) since its inception in 2003. “I enjoy working with undergraduate students, especially with helping them to become responsible adults and leaders,” he says. “They bring energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.”

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1 WWII veteran’s life a study in learning

Most UC Berkeley students enrolled in American studies 101A, which examines America’s involvement in World War II, experience the course through the detached lens of academic curiosity. David Gan isn’t your typical Berkeley student, though. The public health alumnus can draw on first-hand experience of the battle to liberate Europe from the grip of Adolf Hitler.