Challenging Obesity, Improving Health


Confronting a National Epidemic
by Julie L. Gerberding MD, MPH ’90
The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes the devastating impact of obesity on our nation’s health | PDF

Obesity, Inactivity, and Chronic Diseases
More than 40 years of research by faculty and alumni of the School of Public Health has examined how physical activity and other factors affect weight and health | PDF

Food Politics: Q & A With Author Marion Nestle | PDF

Improving Nutrition and Increasing Fitness in Schools and Communities
Berkeley public health alumni are leading intervention efforts to keep children, adolescents, and communities fit and healthy | PDF

Personalizing Communication for Better Health | PDF

One Size Doesn’t Fit All | PDF


Past, Present, Future
Ruth Huenemann: An Extraordinary Teacher, Researcher, and Role Model | PDF
Back to the Future: The New Undergraduate Program’s First Grad Meets a Kennedy-Era Alumna | PDF

Faculty News
Faculty News and Notes | PDF
Meet the New Faculty: William Jagust and Ann Keller | PDF

Partners in Public Health | PDF

Alumni News
President’s Message | PDF
Alumna Spotlight: Marion Nestle | PDF
Alumni Notes | PDF

In Memoriam | PDF