Health in the Global Community


UC Berkeley School of Public Health: Protecting and Promoting Health around the World
Twenty-five examples illustrate how faculty at the School of Public Health are addressing global health challenges | PDF

Reproductive Health: Collaborating for a Large-scale Impact
In countries where women are dying needlessly from lack of reproductive health care, Professors Malcom Potts and Martha Campbell and colleagues collaborate to find solutions with the greatest possible impact | PDF

Human Rights: Scholars Explore the Meaning of “Justice”
Berkeleyan writer Cathy Cockrell interviews Professors Eric Stover and
Harvey Weinstein of UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center about how nations rebuild after ethnic cleansing and genocide and the role of trials in that
process | PDF

Environmental Health: Implications of Benzene Exposure in China
Factory workers in China exposed to low levels of the chemical benzene in the workplace had significantly lower blood cell counts compared to workers who were not exposed | PDF

Infectious Diseases: Field Research Brings Attention to Diseases of Urban Poverty
In Brazil and India, Professor Lee Riley’s group seeks to stem the spread of TB and infectious diseases that occur in urban sprawls, while students in the field learn the true meaning of international research | PDF


Past, Present, Future
William Griffiths, PhD: Health Educator and Family Planning Expert | PDF
From Horror to Hope: Working with Street Kids in Ecuador | PDF
International Health Care Leaders Convene in Berkeley and Barcelona for “Advanced Health Leadership Forum | PDF

Faculty News and Notes | PDF

Research Highlights
Mental Health Indicators Compared in California Counties | PDF
Many Children in Working Poor Families are Uninsured | PDF
Partners in Public Health | PDF

Alumni News
President’s Message | PDF
Alumna Spotlight: Barbara Staggers, MD, MPH, ’80, F.A.A.P. | PDF
Alumni Notes | PDF

In Memoriam | PDF