Climbing Toward Health Equality


Beyond the Known: Looking for the Roots Causes of Health Disparities
Why are there such disparities in the health status of different racial and ethnic groups in the United States? Researchers examine a complex array of factors, such as poverty and racism, to look for clues | PDF

Is American Culture to Blame for Poor Health?
Immigrants who come to the United States from poorer countries arrive with good health and then rapidly become less healthy the longer they live here. If we knew the reasons for this phenomenon, we might be able to improve health for all Americans | PDF

Communities’ Attitudes Toward Cancer Screenings Shed Light on Cultural Differences
Understanding cultural differences in the ways people think about
cancer | PDF

Working Together: Reducing Health Disparities through Community Participation
When communities are empowered as full partners in health research and interventions, both the communities and the researchers benefit | PDF

In Action: Students Reducing Disparities
Meet three School of Public Health students who have gone into the field to improve the health of communities | PDF


Dean’s Message: A Monumental Challenge | PDF

Past, Present, Future
Bringing the “Social” to Epidemiology: S. Leonard Syme, PhD | PDF
Back-to-Back Conferences Take on Challenges in Health Disparity Reduction | PDF
A Conversation with Leonard Schaeffer | PDF

Faculty News
Faculty News and Notes | PDF
Partners in Public Health | PDF

Alumni News
President’s Message | PDF
Alumna Spotlight: Marilyn Winkleby, PhD ’86, MPH ’83 | PDF
Alumni Notes | PDF

In Memoriam | PDF