Visions of a Healthy Future



Transforming Our Chemical Legacy
Scientists work to uncover the links between everyday chemicals and health effects in order to shape public policy and public health interventions.

An Ounce of Prevention, A Pound of Cure
Growing rates of childhood obesity are putting our nation’s healthy future in jeopardy. What can we do to help children and adults eat well and stay physically active?

The Future of Big Pharma
As major pharmaceutical companies see shrinking profits in 2011, what lies ahead for the industry and the health of the public it serves?

Toward a Sustainable Planet
Climate change and rapid population growth together pose a major threat to global health. Fortunately, some major players at Berkeley are on the case.

From Publication to Public Action
Raising the Next Generation: A “How-to” Manual

Spotlight: Georgia Green
Effects of Exported E-waste

Spotlight: Fatima M. Rodríguez
Speaking Your Language

Fresh Perspective: Steve Francis
Blinded by Novelty: The Student’s Dilemma