Close the Health Gap


Dean’s Message:
Building Health Equity


Neighborhood Health Watch
UC Berkeley epidemiologists are passionate about making the places we live safer and healthier, and finding ways to reduce health disparities between neighborhoods.

Life in the Margins
Researchers in the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program aim to improve health care among members of stigmatized populations, such as homeless youth, injection drug users, and transgender women.

America’s Health and the ACA
Our health policy experts field questions on a complex and timely subject: the Affordable Care Act and health care reform in the United States.

Food Equity and the Food Environment
In this Q&A, Barbara Laraia, who heads the School’s Public Health Nutrition program, discusses the role that food and nutrition play in achieving health equity.

Alumna Spotlight: Melanie Tervalon
Teaching Physicians an Important Lesson

Student Spotlight: Jonathan Malagon
Improving Communities to Improve Health

Fresh Perspective: Occupy Public Health
Our Role in a Movement for Health Equity