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students at farmers market
0 Eat.Think.Design: Public health course brings innovation to the table

It’s 4:30 a.m. on a Wednesday in March, and students enrolled in Eat.Think.Design. are exploring Oakland’s wholesale produce market in Jack London Square. As the forklifts carry crates of fruits and vegetables and workers do their usual loading and unloading, the students take note of how the morning ritual flows and how it can be done better.

1 Upbringing in Angola sparked Bixby Center director’s passion for reproductive health

For as far back as Dr. Ndola Prata can remember, she wanted to improve women’s health. “My particular interest started when I was very young, basically by being around a lot of suffering of women, and learning about their reproductive needs that were not being met,” she said. At that time, Prata was growing up in Angola, a country struggling through nearly 30 years of civil war.

1 Food Equity and the Food Environment

Berkeley Health asked Barbara Laraia, head of the School of Public Health’s program in public health nutrition, to explain how food and nutrition factor into the health equity equation.

Kevin Mack
0 Dr. Kevin Allen Mack

Dr. Kevin Allen Mack, a faculty member with joint appointments at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health and the UCSF…

0 Sanford Samuel (Sandy) Elberg

Sanford Samuel (Sandy) Elberg PhD died Apr. 8, 2011, in Ukiah, Calif., at age 97. Elberg attended Lowell High School…