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0 Launching the Fung Fellowship

How can students from diverse majors such as engineering, architecture, or Middle Eastern studies find ways to contribute to public health? Where does a public health major fit into an increasingly technological world? And what can these students learn from each other to build a better future for all of us and discover more about themselves? With these questions and more in the minds of its co-creators and participants, the Fung Fellowship launched this fall on its own path of self-discovery.

students at farmers market
0 Eat.Think.Design: Public health course brings innovation to the table

It’s 4:30 a.m. on a Wednesday in March, and students enrolled in Eat.Think.Design. are exploring Oakland’s wholesale produce market in Jack London Square. As the forklifts carry crates of fruits and vegetables and workers do their usual loading and unloading, the students take note of how the morning ritual flows and how it can be done better.

0 The Future of Big Pharma

Artificial intelligence, smart pills, stem cell research, gene therapy, telemedicine, robotics, low-cost genomic sequencing, and phone apps—there’s brightness on the…