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students at farmers market
0 Eat.Think.Design: Public health course brings innovation to the table

It’s 4:30 a.m. on a Wednesday in March, and students enrolled in Eat.Think.Design. are exploring Oakland’s wholesale produce market in Jack London Square. As the forklifts carry crates of fruits and vegetables and workers do their usual loading and unloading, the students take note of how the morning ritual flows and how it can be done better.

book cover
11 Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Holmes publishes book on Mexican migrant workers

During his years of fieldwork among indigenous Mexican migrant farmworkers, physician and anthropologist Seth Holmes encountered comments like these again and again from farm managers and other farm workers. Some, including medical professionals he interviewed, would even claim that the indigenous workers’ genes made them better suited to their backbreaking work.

0 Neighborhood Health Watch

How do you know if someone is your neighbor? The friend in the apartment down the hall who waters your plants while you’re on vacation is definitely your neighbor. And unfortunately, so is the man next door with the dog that barks at three in the morning. But what about the family having that garage sale five blocks away? Or the woman in front of you in the pharmacy line at the drug store a half mile from your house?

3 Alumna Spotlight: Melanie Tervalon MD, MPH ’84

Dr. Melanie Tervalon is outspoken about being humble. The Oakland pediatrician and community activist wants doctors to loosen the reins of power, become more self-reflective, and do a better job of listening. Too often, even the most well intended physician overlooks the wisdom of true experts in the health care setting—the patients themselves.

1 Student Spotlight: Jonathan Malagon

As a young teacher in Watts, Jonathan Malagon learned to lock down his classroom in case of trouble. There was plenty of it. Malagon sealed the doors when violence erupted on the grounds of Jordan High School or threatened to spill onto campus from neighboring streets.

0 Student Spotlight: LeConté Dill

In the 1940s, LeConté Dill’s grandparents joined the droves of African Americans heading west for better opportunity. Leaving homes in…

0 Alumna Spotlight: Chia-Chia Chien

Schizophrenic, suicidal, bipolar, delusional, and depressed. In her 28-year career treating Berkeley’s mentally ill, Chia-Chia Chien MSW, MPH ’74, saw…